About Us

About the Company

ELECTRIC CHARGE company was established on 01-04-2018 By the founder of the company, Mr. Ali Mohamed Salem. the Chairman. The company started its activity in the sale and distribution of electrical and lighting products. In the city of Riyadh and its suburbs, providing its services to dealers and exhibitions of electrical materials, in addition to contracting companies, Through exhibitions and the sales and distribution team in the ELECTRIC CHARGE company. Then the ELECTRIC CHARGE Company began the expansion phase by opening new branches in the Egypt, UAE and China. These branches are managed by the company’s main office in Riyadh. The company has always been striving for excellence by providing the best products, prices and services to its customers and supporting the Saudi national industry in line with the Saudi Arabia vision 2030.

Among the most important products that the ELECTRIC CHARGE Company distributes are: Electrical wires and cables – distribution panels (Load center) and circuit breakers Switches and sockets – internet and telephone cables – lighting products – and other electrical products.

Our Vision

To be the Electric Charge Company, one of the largest companies manufacturing, importing, selling and distributing electrical and lighting products in the Saudi Arabia.

To be unique in the quality of our products and to provide the best prices and services to our customers.

With full commitment to work ethics and integrity.

Our Mission

Creating long-term added value for our customers by providing the best products, services and prices
And access to the highest market share in the electricity market through a trained and qualified sales team and distinguished services before and after sales.