alf Classic

For more than 20 years, alf Classic switches and sockets

The first choice for the Saudi family, with its distinctive design, with the curve of the pill and the gloss of the face, it has been and still touches everyone’s taste.

The front face is made of polycarbonate, which is a chemically treated plastic that gives the product an appearance

Shiny and elegant in addition to that it is a heat-resistant and self-extinguishing material.

The screws are covered to give a nice and elegant look to the product.

The back “which contains the electrical contacts” is made of polyamide, which has a high electrical insulation so that it prevents any sparks.

The outer contacts are made of brass, which gives them the strength to withstand the mechanical stress caused by wire bonding, and are provided with silver points to increase the conductivity and reduce the possibility of overheating.

ELECTRIC CHARGE Company is an authorized distributor of alfanar products, and a major distributor of alf Classic switches and sockets.