ELECTRIC CHARGE Company provides its customers with low smoke halogen free flame retardant cables for use in public places with crowded human gathering, as it ensures less smoke, low acid emissions and less toxic fumes during the occurrence of a fire thus limiting the spread of fire allowing people to escape outside the building.

For the highest level of safety, the use of fire retardant cables is recommended, as they are designed to ensure continuity of power supply during critical loads and emergencies in public places where the emission and release of smoke and toxic gases can pose a double danger to human life.

Technical Specifications:

  • Available with Copper or Aluminium conductors.
  • Designed and tested in accordance with the latest IEC or BS standards.
  • Available in Single-core (up to 630 mm2) or Multi-core (up to 400 mm2) constructions.
  • Flame retardant cables can be designed to pass the different flame categories A, B, C & D to IEC 60332-3 standard.
  • Fire-resistant cables cab be designed to pass the different fire resistance categories such as (CWZ) to BS 6387 or (F120) to BS 7846.
  • Available in Armoured or Non-armoured constructions.
  • Customized designs are available upon request.